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Our goal is to provide you with the best experience possible while we help you deal with the insurance companies, lawyers and doctors. We are here to act as your agent on your behalf and we do this at no cost to you — the victim. Let us help you fight for fair assistance & compensation after you have been in a car accident.

Are you a car accident victim?

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We have a staff of dedicated and highly committed professionals that will provide you with the help & information you need– when you need it most. We are here to help and support you during one of life’s most challenging times — after a car accident (MVA).

To the driver's attention!

DUI in Orangeville

If you are accused in DUI, that is a very serious problem that will affect your future, not only by fines and disqualify from driving, but jail too. So it is better to avoid such situations, but if you have already took part in one you need to find a professional lawyer!

Have You Been Injured In A Motor Vehicle Accident?

Have you just recently been injured in a car accident in Toronto? Do you need the assistance of a Toronto personal injury lawyer or medical help? Many people are faced with this problem everyday and have no Idea where to look for help. Car Accident Toronto has the information you need and will provide you with the resources and direction you need in the language you are most familiar with.  At no additional cost to you.

Car Accident Toronto’s staff will provide you with personalized service. What this means to you is that you will have a specific agent who will create your file and deal with you on a personal level. Your agent will act on your behalf to insure you know who needs to be contacted, for example your Toronto personal injury lawyer, doctor, and how to approach your insurance company. Car Accident Toronto will prepare all forms necessary to get the help you need and make sure that your doctor, personal injury lawyer and insurance company treats you as a priority case.

The amount of car accidents in Canada is rising every year. Though the drivers safety rates are increasing by improved vehicle standards, red light cameras and decrease of drinking and driving cases the number of traffic fatalities is not lowering. Detailed statistics of car accidents in Canada in 2015 can be found on this website. Latest statistic data on car accident cases across Ontario is coming up on September at HLDlawyers.com - Toronto personal injury lawyer website.

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CAT will continue to act like your big brother by informing you what treatments to expect for you injury, making sure you get treatment as close to your home as possible, they advise to contact your family lawyer, doctor in your area and insurance company, so your recovery and legal process will be dealt with professionalism. CAT will keep you informed on the progress of your legal rights by working together with your Toronto personal injury lawyer and doctor to make sure that your Car Accident in Toronto is resolved as quickly as possible.

The simplest way to decide if Car Accident Toronto is what you need is to ask yourself these simple questions. What do I need to do after my Car Accident in Toronto, Who will explain my Rights in my first language? Who will refer me to a good personal injury lawyer in the Toronto area? Who will make sure the necessary forms are filled out? Who will make sure I get the best medical treatment close to my home? Who will make sure the insurance company pays for my injury? Car Accident Toronto can and will answer these and all you other questions.

Also you should take a notice that you may need personal injury lawyer not only after an accident connected with your car or just outside. Personal injury lawyer can also assist you in the situations connected with violence or abuse at home. Though this issue is a part of family law, anyway it should never be neglected and kept silent. That is why you should always remember that having a specialist to consult with will save your time, money and surely your mental and physical health.

The specialists with paralegal degree from Toronto college are always welcomed to be a part of our team! We are waiting forward for the resumes for legal assistant post.